Micro-EDM / Micro-Turning / Micro-Drilling / Nano-Grinding / Micro-Milling / Micro-Polishing / A Machine for Every Application
The Future Starts Here...

SmalTec International's micro technology machines offer:
Micro-EDM Nano-Grinding
Micro-Turning Micro-Milling
Micro-Drilling Micro-Polishing
to create the only true micro scale machining and 3-dimensional shaping and contouring in the industry.
For research and development we utilize nano-grinding and micro polishing combined with our other technologies to take your design from concept to production.
When proof of a concept is the only solution you need, let SmalTec's micro-EDM, technology be the solution for you.
Challenge us with your application! The world of small parts is getting larger and larger; just let us show you how we use micro-milling, micro-turning, and micro-drilling for your industry.
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